About Us

A little about our mission...

Hi, my name's Gus and I created Virlbox ("viral box").

The inspiration for Virlbox came from my own interest in making silly videos on my smartphone. Like many people, I enjoy shooting videos on Snapchat and Instagram. It's fun, and can be a great way of communicating with people. These days, it's also how many people are launching their careers or even becoming famous.

This got me thinking, why not create a service that pairs the creativity of smartphone users with the advertising needs of small businesses? So I came up with Virlbox.

My goal with Virlbox is to create a community for people who enjoy making videos with zero budget. I'd like for Virlbox subscribers to look forward to a new challenge arriving at their doors each month. Along the way, I hope they learn new skills like marketing, video-editing, time-management, and most importantly - how to think outside the Virlbox  (had to). As I begin my own entrepreneurial project with Virlbox, it's occurring to me now how important these skills are.

While Virlboxers build their portfolios, I hope they also keep in mind that they are helping small businesses compete in a marketplace dominated by large corporations. But who knows? Maybe some of these small businesses will one day be massive corporations as well, and guess who helped them get their start? You did. You can put it on your resume. 

TLDR: Virlbox's mission is twofold: 1) give our subscribers an opportunity to do something fun and creative, and 2) support small businesses by providing an inexpensive form of grassroots advertising.

Thanks for Reading!

Gus Richardson - Owner

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