Frequently Asked Questions

What is ViRlBox?

Virlbox (pronounced "Viral Box") is a subscription Ad Competition. Every month, we send our subscribers a brand new product from a North American business and enter them into our monthly Ad Competition. Subscribers then shoot ads for the product on their smartphones and send them into us, where we host a vote for the Best Ad.

If I win what do i get?

Mostly, you get respect and honour. All of the winning Ads will be featured permanently on our Winner's page, so you'll be able to show your friends who's da best. On top of this, if your Ad wins for one of the months then you will be entered into the Virlbox of the Year Award at the end of the year. The winner of the VirlBox of the Year Award is chosen by random selection and will win a monetary prize based on the number of subscriptions for the year ($1 from each subscription each month goes towards the award).

what if i don't like what's in the box?

We do our best to find interesting products that most people will enjoy. That said, Virlbox is not really about what you get in the box, it's about how you sell it! If a certain product is not really for you, think about what it could offer other people. Remember, you're the advertiser. Try your best to come up with a creative sales pitch that'll make your ad go viral.

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